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The small medal hung around your neck you won in school. Everyone remembers the feeling of pride and accomplishment associated with it, when they won it over & those feelings don't diminish as you grow older. Everyone feels motivated to strive more for it again and again.

Performing Art is, by definition, the exchange and expression of emotions by any number of different means. Each and every method of performance has its varied avenues and assets.

Paarangat Sanmaan; honours outstanding achievements in the Theatre on aspect of One-Act Plays. Bringing together the finest talents working in the field of One Act Plays for their excellence in the theatre is the motive of awards.

Whatever it is, a winning performance, or felicitation for outstanding achievements-giving the right awards/mementos can be perfect motivation and recognition.



It's very easy to compromise with what life has to offer you, but what is difficult is to understand and realize your Dream. There are many in the family of theatre who must have been discouraged when they opted to make a career in theatre, not only discouraged but also misguided and criticized but still they believed in their dreams and earned a name for themselves in the field of One Act Play Theatre. Astitva is committed to strengthen the young and budding community that represents youth of tomorrow's performing art world in today's theatre.

It is our belief that; "In the black & white tints and shades of past era; some colours of theatre have faded with time. One needs to take an initiative and attempt with sincerity to rekindle the spark of the hidden talents that contribute to keep these colours alive. It is the sincere attempt to get those colours back to theatre so that everybody can enjoy the magic of real theatre".

To commemorate and felicitate this aspiring creativity; for the first time in the history of One Act Plays, awards for excellence in One Act Play Categories have been organized by Astitva. The award would be titled as Paarangat-Sanmaan. As the name suggests; Paarangat in Sanskrit means Experts….thus to identify and felicitate the deserving theatre experts; the said awards would be awarded to the winners of various competitions in the One-Act Play category for the past one year. These Awards continue and intensify Astitva's association with theatre, which is started from the year 2009.

Paarangat-Sanmaan is an initiative to give recognition to the extraordinary effort done by young theatre artists across the state of Maharashtra in the field of One - Act Plays & appreciates those who have kept theatre alive in spite of all the obstacles they have faced during their journey to enter the world of theatre. To recognize outstanding accomplishments of theatre professionals whose work has made a significant impact in One- Act Play Theatre. As stated by Astitva; the Motive of these awards is that every theatre artist in this world should get the recognition he deserves…… It is a field that is often neglected, especially when compared to Professional Plays, Televisions Films, which is the more glamorous sibling, and deserves wider viewers support.

One Act Plays and Awards would seem at first glance to be strange bedfellows. We firmly believe however that a contribution to the Field of Theatre through One Act Plays is also a contribution to the world of Performers. One Act Plays are an integral part of theatre that holds up a mirror to youth society and a powerful medium for social change. With Paarangat-Sanmaan; an award for Excellence in Theatre of One Act Plays we are in a way, setting the stage for this, by showcasing modern theatre and recognizing excellence in this field. Paarangat-Sanmaan salutes the talents of our young aspiring, artistic heritage. Astitva committee shall recognize the talent, achievements and notable contributions to Theatre.


This award is given to an individual in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the field of One-Act Plays in past 12 Months at various one act play competitions in inter-collegiate and open category level.

Paarangat Sanmaan-Awards for Experts; celebrate the very best in One Act theatre. This unique award recognises the achievements of artists and performers based throughout the Mumbai City. The awards champion the excellence and diversity of artistic activity and the high standard of professional, specialist work which contributes to and supports the success of the performing arts. This Theatre Award honour individual creative excellence and collaborative artistic effort in performance and production and applaud the outstanding work seen in One Act Plays each year.

Paarangat Sanmaan Awards are the opportunity for theatre groups, colleges, individuals and theatre activists to champion the skill and expertise of individuals working within their groups/institutions and to promote their successful business initiatives and acumen.

The only theatre award of its kind, Paarangat Sanmaan is designed to showcase the best in One Act Plays being performed in Mumbai at various competitions in the past One Year. The objective is to encourage all aspects of theatre - craft, including play writing, set design, costume and light design, direction and performance.



  • Best Play (Open Category)
  • Best Original Script Writer
  • Best Music Composition
  • Best Student Writer
  • Best Student Actor (Female)

  • Best Play (Inter Collegiate)
  • Best Stage Design
  • Best Actor (Male)
  • Best Student Director

  • Best Director
  • Best Lighting Design
  • Best Actor (Female)
  • Best Student Actor (Male)


    PAARANGAT 2012

    PAARANGAT 2011

    PAARANGAT 2010

    PAARANGAT 2009



  • SAKAL (16 February 2012)
  • SAKAL (4 March 2012)
  • MUMBAI PRAHAAR (23 February 2012)
  • MAHARASHTRA TIMES (25 February 2012)
  • LOKSATTA (23 February 2012)
  • MAHARASHTRA TIMES (26 February 2011)
  • LOKSATTA (23 February 2011)
  • MAHARASHTRA TIMES (09 February 2011)
  • LOKSATTA (08 February 2011)
  • LOKSATTA (19 January 2011)
  • PUNE SAKAAL (25 March 2010)
  • MAHARASHTRA TIMES (06 March 2010)
  • NAVAKAAL (04 March 2010)
  • LOKSATTA (02 March 2010)
  • LOKSATTA (25 February 2010)
  • MAHARASHTRA TIMES (12 February 2010)
  • LOKSATTA (09 February 2010)
  • MAHARASHTRA TIMES (07 March 2009)
  • SHIVNER (05 March 2009)
  • LOKMAT (05 March 2009)
  • MAHANAGAR (03 March 2009)
  • LOKSATTA (03 March 2009)
  • VRUTT DAINIK (27 February 2009)
  • MAHARASHTRA TIMES (26 Feb 2009)
  • SHIVNER (12 February 2009)
  • LOKSATTA (04 February 2009)

         The One Act Plays may be adapted or original works by any group/college, performed at any competition in the span of past 12    Months from 1st February 2010 to 1st February 2011.

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